"I am Ben and I represent the T-Systems universe. More than that. I AM the T-Systems universe. Under the title "Hello, Ben!" I present our company and the role we play in providing reliable digital solutions. However, things in the digital sphere CAN get out of hand sometimes, no matter how prepared we are. Like, on this years HIT-Event (Hamburg IT-Strategy Days). So, I had to come up with a plan. Watch and learn, e-fellows." 

We created this fictional character "Ben" who, in our world, has been a T-Systems employee for many years. Through his characterization, we transport all the proof points of the Brand T-Systems: He is reliable, unagitated, competent and, yes, okay, sometimes a bit a little bit boring. Yet, no matter where he goes, he always has the right solution to fix any upcoming (digital) challenge. A fun and playfull way to transport the highly complex product portfolio of T-Systems. 

On his first mission in Hamburg, he saves the IT-world from an almost total collapse of the digital supply chain system, with the help of IoT-Based Automated Finance (a T-Systems Product, of course).


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